'Game On!': Sarah Palin Top Difficulties To Obama In Wisconsin Video Clip & Transcript

Just like ObamaCare the Publish Office is speaking about rationing service. And just like ObamaCare the Publish Office has loss of life panels. Saturday mail shipping and delivery is scheduled to die any day now.

The Globe Bank, the Worldwide Financial Fund, other countries central banking institutions and the United Nations are all companions in their new-world-purchase plan. Now, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is joining the conspiracy on a mission to make The united states pay for invading, occupying and looting the 3rd world nations.

Nothing will alter for the seniors. According to Ryan's strategy, Medicare stays as is for individuals 55 and older. The Democrats strategy to reduce Medicare in order to fund Obamacare Marketplace Health Insurance.

My last recent brush with most cancers was my personal colonoscopy. After my mother's experience with colon most cancers, my doctor suggested that I be screened. The only delay to my colonoscopy was operating about my busy routine. I could have had my screening two times after my initial session if I could have worked it in.

Our paper money is by fiat. That is French for, "let it be produced." It's all a big Ponzi pyramid plan. BEWARE OF FIAT Money IT Always Prospects TO Moral DECAY! Lobby Helath Insurance , assistance and subscribe to private cash backed by gold or else inflation comes roaring back again after 2016. Don't let authorities control the cash ever once more. Only gold is not someone's financial debt. Only gold check here is honest cash. Gold mine stock prices and dividends soared in the 1930 melancholy, by the way. Why? Well, they had been mining money.

High unemployment is setting up a snowball impact - a vicious circle cycle of layoffs on more layoffs. People don't buy as a lot. Then companies have to fire more workers simply because revenue are slow. This is the "Multiplier Effect" in economics in reverse. Appear it up. It feeds on itself. Furthermore, it goes a great deal faster on the way down than on the way up. No one, including the federal authorities, can quit the deflation pendulum from swinging all the way to depression.

A friend of mine ( you know who you are) is on welfare with 1 child.The new health care legislation would be just what she needs. She can't get healthcare for herself and her son below welfare that is quality. Research exhibits that this will insure some uninsurable, like my friend. She, alongside with many other kids and grownups out there are good individuals and deserve good health care!

Chris Christie is looking for new alliances. He has currently alienated all the conventional Republicans. CPAC [Conservative Political Action Convention] shunned him this year. You know what that does to anybody's Presidential ambitions. So now he is looking forward to 2016. And where is he looking? To the Progressive still left.

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